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In 2017, I took a vow to be more authentic on social media. So, I've embarked on a journey that involves telling the truth about my imperfect life. Although I am a self-taught filmmaker, writer, and spoken word artist, I'm still a college student who's trying to figure out who I am, where I'm going, and how I'll get there. And none of those are easy tasks, especially in a world that is overwhelmingly saturated with news of violence, anger, and overall hopelessness. This blog - lifestyle through a social justice lens - is therefore, a culmination of all of those issues and how I'm learning to navigate through their intricacies. 

I aim to achieve many feats with this blog, but as it grows, my goal is to create a space where young Black women and women of color feel comfortable to undergo the process of self-actualization. Here, we will encourage one another to share our stories authentically and simultaneously use our individual and collective power to uplift those around us. 

Y'all ready?

Melissa’s work

Melissa Denizard is a documentarian, Youtuber, blogger, student, and activist. As a storyteller, she uses her many talents, including public speaking, film, and the written word, to bring attention to the intersections of race, gender, and social class in the United States. She also uses digital media as a medium to spread her message of social justice and equity through videography and graphic design. 

Melissa runs a blog that focuses on the intersection of race, gender, and social class in pop culture and politics. In 2018, her YouTube video, "Unbraid with Me: Is Hair Political?" was featured on Brut Media and Refinery29. Later that year, her blog post, "Don't Tell Me to Smile: A Commentary on Harassment in the Service Industry" was adapted into a TEDx talk for TEDxTarrytown. With a concentration in entrepreneurship, Melissa is a social entrepreneur in the making.

Melissa Denizard is also an accomplished public speaker. Since high school, she has won many awards for speaking on racism within the United States framework. She has served as a keynote speaker, spoken on the radio, performed spoken words, and led a multitude of workshops.