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Melissa Denizard, a native of Haiti, is a 20 year old activist, documentarian, and senior at Babson College. As an activist, she uses her many talents, including public speaking, film, and the written word, to bring attention to the intersections of race, gender, and social class in the United States’ political framework. She also uses digital media as a medium to spread her message of social justice and equity through videography and graphic design.

Since high school, Melissa has been committed to social justice, particularly pro-Black liberation. She has prior experience with leading and organizing local social justice organizations and movements. Through her work with social justice and documentary filmmaking, Melissa has gained expertise in project management, film editing, event planning, fundraising, community outreach, and social media branding.

Melissa runs a blog both on YouTube and her personal website that focuses on the intersection of race, gender, and social class in pop culture and politics. In 2018, her YouTube video, Unbraid with Me: Is Hair Political? was featured on Brut Media and Refinery29. Later that year, her blog post, "Don't Tell Me to Smile: A Commentary on Harassment in the Service Industry" was adapted into a TEDx talk for TEDxTarrytown. With a concentration in entrepreneurship, Melissa is a social entrepreneur in the making.

As an alumni of the Young People For Fellowship, Melissa had the opportunity to expand upon her technological social venture Voice, which is an online platform that aims to make digital organizing more equitable, efficient, and sufficient for contemporary activists. Partnered with Babson College, Melissa is also currently creating an initiative that will aim to help Flint, MI's entrepreneurs cultivate entrepreneurial skills to build wealth that will accumulate to help the city eventually emerge out of both the Flint Water Crisis and decades of poverty.