Melissa has always been fascinated with the art of storytelling. She is committed to amplifying the voices of marginalized people in order to contribute to the public’s understanding of humanity and ultimately, influence others to take steps towards promoting social equity.



When translated to English, "los olvidados" translates to "the forgotten ones".

When Melissa visited Puerto Rico this past summer, she thought she was only going to learn about Hurricane Maria and the island's recovery. But, as an activist, I was foolish to think that oppression occurs in a vacuum.

Through her work with Puerto Rico, it's been made clear that the island has not only been forgotten, but was forced into its current economic and political state. Therefore, this film is not only about Hurricane Maria; it's also a brief analysis of Puerto Rico's long history with U.S. colonization and oppression through the forces of racism and capitalism.


Filmed with an iPhone 7+, this video touches upon Melissa’s struggle with mental health in her first year of college.

Thespian troupe 721: A Dedication to the arts

Completed during her junior year of high school, Melissa identified a problem of economic disparity in the East Ramapo Central School District and explored that issue by highlighting its effects on Thespian Troupe 721, a high-school theater group. The documentary includes testimonials from students and faculty about their resiliency despite rampant injustices.

The film was filmed on my iPhone 6+ and edited on the iPhone’s iMovie app.

HAIR CARE Is self-care

Inspired by YouTubers, Melissa Denise and the GreenBeauty Channel, Hair Care is Self-Care is an introductory guide for knowing and loving your natural hair.

As someone who has struggled with loving and growing her natural hair, Melissa started this series for naturalistas, anyone who is currently in the process of growing their natural hair. This series is going to teach you how to grow, moisturize, maintain, and love your natural hair.

Although Melissa only introduces you the basics, she provides you with resources to continue a more science based natural hair growth journey.


Real Talk is a series that highlights young people who are taking steps to enhance their lives and the lives of others. It's also a really cool way for Melissa to highlight the amazing people in her life.

This video highlights her friend Angelica, a self-titled "spiritual jack of all trades". Here, Angelica discusses what spiritual health means to her and what it could possibly mean to you.