MY comment

On the first day of an African-American literature course, my professor ran a digital poll to gauge the class’ comfort level with discussing race, particularly in regards to the Black and White binary. One of the choices was “I don’t feel comfortable talking about race because it brings about ill feelings.” For discussion, my professor asked the class to speak on that choice. Although I hadn’t chosen that response, I chose to speak on it because no one else raised their hand. I said:

“I didn’t choose this one, but I understand this sentiment. To be honest - and I say this with all the love I can muster - in my experience, I’ve come to know that I cannot spend a prolonged period of time talking to White people about race because I start to think about the historical and real-world implications of what it means to be Black in America. So, if that ever happens in this class, I’m still going to be engaged, but it just means that I need to take a break from the discussion.”

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